Is your club aware of this Wheelchairs project of Scarborough Rotary that has been in operation for twenty years and has delivered over 44,500 wheelchairs to families with disabled children in developing countries?
The wheelchair trailer pictured carries twenty wheelchairs to a school willing to run a fundraiser for WFK under the sponsorship of your Rotary club.

The trailer is taken to the school by two WFK operatives in Melbourne who supply all that is required to run the event – traffic cones, receipts for donations etc.  Audio visual material. Each student receives a WFK yellow cap to keep.

All your club needs to do is provide three or four members to assist on the day at the school, where by prior arrangement, the children will be sponsored by their families to ride in and push the wheelchairs around a defined course. 

Each lap raises funds for WFK and the outcome depends on size of the school but is usually in the range of $2,000 up to sometimes $10,000 for what is an International project for the club as well as for the school and also involves Youth and Community committees.
If you are interested in participating in this worthwhile cause, please contact:
Peter Klaaysen  
D9820 Wheelchairs for Kids Champion  
Ph 0418 126 950