Article submitted by Geoff Magor
We mentioned at District Assembly that District Grant funds can also be used for Educational Scholarships and this year we are introducing a new scholarship. 
Paul Mee has provided a project outline and scope (below), so you can start your application following the Scholarship opening on 1st July, 2019.
D9820 Student Scholarship Grant:
  • There are many Secondary College students in D9820 who would greatly benefit from a Foundation – Student Scholarship Grant.
  • This Rotary year, D9820 will approve ten (10) Student Scholarship Grants (on a one per club basis).
  • The Scholarship Grants are for a total of $1,000 (made up of a D9820 grant of $500 with a matching Club donation of $500).
  • This grant will build a better relationship with your local Secondary College/School.
  • The Scholarship Grant will benefit from 1~4 students, to encourage them to fully participate in the school curriculum.
  • To submit a grant application simply: Complete Application/Read Criteria/One Report.
Applications open on 1st July, 2019 – Go To click on the Foundation tab/ District Grants/ “D9820 District Grants Application& Guidelines – Low Level Scholarship Grants” District Support.
Or contact:
Paul Mee, Phone – 0466 208 577, email –