Article submitted by Linda Humphries - DGE Partner and Past President of the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza
Wow! Only  a few days to go before the Bendigo conference and I am so excited to be going back to the Conference venue that started my love affair with Rotary.
We had only recently joined our local Rotary club and at that stage had no real idea what Rotary was about; we had just decided it would be good to work for the community. We discovered there were annual District conferences and a video of a DG Tim Moore with a green wig advertising a good time to be had in Bendigo, convinced us. We decided it might be good to go along and to be honest, to decide if we wanted to spend time being involved in Rotary.
We booked a motel across the road from the All Seasons Hotel, as the accommodation was fully booked; obviously the advertising worked and conferences in District 9820 were well attended and not to be missed.
On the Friday night we walked across the road to register.  From that moment we were blown away with the excitement the friendliness, the wonderful speakers and an amazingly well organised conference.
Our lives were changed from attending that conference. We began to understand what Rotary is actually about; we were part of an amazing community of people who made a difference. We enjoyed everything and have great memories of our first ever conference in Bendigo.
I know this year's Conference will be just as inspiring, enjoyable and as well organised.  It will bring us all together to share our love for Rotary.
 See you there!