The Rotary Club of Somerville Tyabb initiated the Inter School Activity Challenge (ISAC) in 2018 for Primary Schools in the area, who compete for a
Perpetual Shield, as well as prize money for the top 3 entries.

It involves teams of 4 students building a structure with simple materials and then the structure is subjected to a stress test to determine the winners. Each year the type of structure changes and this year the task was to ‘Build a Bridge’, similar to a previous Rotary International theme.
In June this year, 64 students from 9 primary schools in the area, Balnarring, Bittern, Crib Point, Flinders Christian College, Hastings, St. Joseph’s—Crib Point, St. Mary’s—Hastings, Somerville and Tyabb Railway, took part in the competition, which was held at and sponsored by Bluescope Steel, Westernport, Hastings plant. The club is indebted to all at Bluescope and Plant Manager - Michael Hussey for their support in this and other Rotary projects.
The task was to build a weight bearing bridge spanning 720mm using only a pack of playing cards, icy pole sticks, twine, thumbtacks and sticky tape, on a prepared base.  The time limit for construction was 1 hour.
Each team had to submit a plan beforehand. When completed their bridges were evaluated on their ability to sustain increasingly heavier loads, in the form of tins of tuna.  Economy of construction was used as tie-breaker in the event of a draw and there was a special prize for the most economical use of materials.
A sample plan for the construction.
Teams of 4 ready to start!
It's a hive of activity.
1st place to "The Bridge Bosses".
The winners were "The Bridge Bosses" from Balnarring Primary School, whose bridge supported an incredible 7.5 kg.  In second place was the "Navy" team from Bittern Primary School, whose bridge managed a 4.5 kg load.

Cr. Kate Roper with everybody involved and displaying the winning entry and Perpetual Shield.  
Participants in all the competing teams were presented with a Certificate in recognition of their efforts.