District Governor 'Breaking the Chains' Cluster Tour:
The cluster tour has now visited East Gippsland, Central Gippsland, West Gippsland and Peninsula Clusters with Nepean, Melbourne South East and South Gippsland to follow. I have chosen to start the year with the cluster tour because it gives the opportunity to get very important messages out to the clubs quickly at the start of the year.
The format is a combination of RI President Mark Maloney video clips, comments from me, group discussion of key issues and a noticeboard section. Interest and participation have been excellent at all events so far and I have been particularly impressed with the depth of discussion and the quality of the reports back from the groups.
I am collecting the group notes and will be circulating these when typed up. It’s a great way for the Assistant Governor to meet and interact with cluster members in a dynamic and collegial atmosphere.  Clubs also are given the opportunity to promote their upcoming special events and projects.
“I would like to compliment you both for the way the Cluster Meeting was run and orchestrated and so too for the level of participation from our Cluster Club representatives.
Speaking with our PE Roger and Wayne over breakfast this morning (morning after), we all felt a very positive vibe in the room and some great opportunities presenting themselves, both within our Clubs and across the Peninsula Cluster.”
President Peter Rawlings, President, Rotary Club of Mt Martha
East Gippsland Cluster -
Ken Sheather Reports on
his Table's Discussions
Thank you, President Peter and all the others who have sent in great feedback. I am looking forward to the next stop on the tour with the Nepean Cluster on 29 August at the International Motel, Frankston then onto Melbourne South East and South Gippsland.
District Environment Chair:
I am very pleased to welcome Robin Stewart to of the Rotary Club of Frankston to the District Team.
Robin has accepted the role of District’s Environment Chair, a new role that is very relevant to the times we live in.
Robin will be wanting to make contact with existing Club Environment Chairs with a view to establishing a collaborative district effort on the environment.
As District Governor, I would encourage all clubs to consider appointing an Environment Chair and developing programs and some focus in that area.
Thanks go to the Rotary Clubs of Bairnsdale and Bairnsdale Sunrise who are leading the way on the environment in East Gippsland.
Robin’s contact details are: environment@rotary9820.org.au  and Mobile: 0419 383 160
District Interact Chair:
Josie Wilson of the Pakenham Club has accepted the role of Interact Chair in addition to her current role of Earlyact Chair.
One of Josie’s first duties is attending a planning meeting for a Victoria wide Interact Multi District Interact Conference that is being planned for May 23, 2020. Thank you for taking this on Josie.
Josie's contact details are: interact@rotary9820.org.au and
Mobile: 0412 714 413
Have a great month of Rotary everybody.