This year we were allocated 26 places for the NYSF to be held in Canberra and Brisbane in January 2020. Unfortunately we had more applicants that we had places available and there were a number of well qualified students who did not make it.
The selection process was held in Traralgon and Mount Martha and we had 16 Rotarians and Teachers select the successful students.
The students participated in a group orientation, an individual interview and a collaborative problem solving task. I can assure Rotarians that our youth are getting better and better every year and I am confident that our society will be in good hands.
The NYSF is not just about producing future scientists, but ensuring that leaders in industry and government have a strong understanding in science and are well connected to the science community, to ensure that sound decisions are made for our benefit.
Of the 26 successful students, 4 were from Gippsland, 4 from the South-Eastern Suburbs and 18 from the Mornington Peninsula. There were 15 girls chosen and 9 boys.
Of the schools from which the students were chosen, 14 attended government schools, 3 attended select entry government schools and 9 attended private schools.
The NYSF Orientation was held on Sunday 25th August at Federation University Churchill. 
Stephen Daly - Rotary District 9820 NYSF Chair
Mob: 0407 397 266