Stephanie Woollard

Stephanie is an Australian Rotarian and Founder of Seven Women as well as Hands on Development travel with a purpose tour company in Nepal.

She joined the Rotary Club of Melbourne on the return from her Rotary Peace Fellowship at the Uppsala University Peace Centre in Sweden where she obtained a Master of Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Her work is focused around creating a more tolerant and compassionate world, with a focus on education and economic empowerment for marginalised women.

Seven Women began in 2006 when Stephanie met 7 disabled women living in a tin shed and learnt of the harsh stigma they were facing. Seven Women has now empowered over 5,000 marginalised women through education, skills training and income generation; The Daily Edition is a short interview that goes into more detail.

In 2016 Stephanie was honoured as one of 6 Global Awardees of the Inaugural Rotary Responsible Business Award at the United Nations in New York. This award recognises her as one of the six global recipients for responsible business efforts.

Additionally, her book “From a Tin Shed to the United Nations: How every one of us can make a difference”, is about the challenges in developing enterprises such as Seven Women and how every one of us can make a difference. There is also a documentary focusing on education ‘Bringing the Light: The Story of Seven Women’ which you can see here (password: sevenwomen). This is a resource that can be used as a fundraiser for your club.