Kate McBride

Kate Mc Bride was raised at Tolarno Station on the banks of the Darling river, near Menindee in NSW. 

She helped raise global attention to the deaths of up to one million fish on the Darling riverbank in January, when she used her phone to video her father, Rob, and his friend nursing dying decades-old Murray cod.

Kate was elected onto the Local Land Services Board by fellow landholders, and now helps manage Local Land Services Western, which covers around 40% of New South Wales – no mean feat for a 21-year-old.

Kate appeared in the ABC Story “Cry me a river” on 2nd May 2019

According to Water NSW, in the last six months less water has flowed into the lower Darling catchment than at any time in its recorded history.

Kate and her family are pushing for a national inquiry into water management across the Murray-Darling.