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December 2017

District Governor Don Ripper
What's on
District Conference
Sale Memorial Hall/Gippsland Grammar School
Feb 16, 2018 – Feb 18, 2018
Council of Governors
The Courthouse
Mar 18, 2018 12:00 PM
District Board Meeting (Go to Meeting)
Mar 18, 2018 7:00 PM
Multi District Presidents Elect Training
Federation University Mt Helen Campus
Mar 23, 2018 – Mar 25, 2018
District Leadership Meeting (Go to Meeting)
Apr 08, 2018 10:00 AM
District Finance Meeting (Go to Meeting)
Apr 08, 2018 11:00 AM
District Board Meeting (Go to Meeting)
Apr 08, 2018 11:30 AM
Insurance Declaration 2 weeks notice
Apr 16, 2018
6:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Help `Build A Rotary For The Future'
Only one week now remains before the District Conference in Sale and the organizing committee are now fine tuning the event to make sure that it is both memorable and enjoyable for the more than 300 people registered.
If you have not registered and suddenly find that you are able to go Thursday will be the absolute cut off. 
The emphasis for the conference is to be “Building a Rotary for the future” and on Sunday morning we will ask delegates to become involved with suggestions and opinions as PDG David Anderson, recently Rotary International lead trainer, leads us in a panel discussion involving both “old and wise” and “young and smart”. Sale has many attractions including the river pictured below.
I had thought that things would slow down a bit over the summer break however with art show openings, cluster gatherings, multi club Christmas events and special program visits Jude and I are yet to go a week without at least two rotary events other than the Monday meeting of the good old Rotary Club of Sale.
Rotary Leadership Institute scheduled for East Gippsland has been deferred for the time being due to lack of registrations. It will be advertised again later in the year after discussions with EG Cluster clubs to ascertain the best time to conduct it.
PP Phil Dressing and his Club visioning team are now available to assist any club which wishes to complete this valuable process. Not surprisingly clubs which have availed themselves of this free program of professional self-assessment and planning stand out as a result.
For those clubs which have committed to Rotary International President Ian’s program of planting a tree for every Rotarian, I would ask that a report, with photos if possible, could be sent through to Jude by 1st April so that our District’s results can be reported to Ian for Earth Day later in that montVisit beautiful Sale for the District Conferenceh.


Reinvigorating Rotary
By  Noel Trevaskis R.I Director 2016-18

After almost 100 years of successful operation in Australia and New Zealand, Rotary finds itself at a very significant cross road.  With a declining membership over the last ten years, Australia has lost 4,314 members (13%) and New Zealand has lost 1,967 (19%) plus an ageing membership demographic, the continued existence of Rotary as we know it is under considerable threat.
Do we remain doing what we are currently doing and find we no longer exist in 20 years OR do we acknowledge we have a problem and accept the challenge to work together to address the issues and make the changes necessary to take Rotary forward for another hundred years?  It is both a challenging and an exciting time for Rotary in this part of the world.
There is an urgent need for change both at the Club and the District levels.  Clubs need to find new ways of attracting and retaining members and Districts need to focus their efforts on providing the best possible support mechanisms to Clubs in their crucial endeavour to grow and strengthen Rotary.

GRCH marches forward
Gippsland Rotary Centenary House has recently published its latest newsletter which contains plenty of information about how this vital ongoing community project is faring and plans for how it can be bigger and better. To read the newsletter click here.
Fight and prevent disease
This article first appeared on the District 9800 web site

December is Rotary's Disease Prevention and Treatment Month. In the olden days people died through starvation, a lack of cleanliness and medical knowledge. Now we have plenty of food, we wash our hands with soap, go to the doctor when ill and use all sorts of technology to diagnose and treat conditions that effect our quality of life. However in the western world our desire to live longer and better, has created life threatening conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, Diabetes, cancer and coronary heart disease.
So, is there really a role for Rotary in disease prevention and treatment and will we as Rotarians live long and healthy lives to enable us to take on such a role.


Maree in print

Rotary Club of Traralgon Central member Maree McPherson has joined the ranks of published authors with the launch of her  book Cutting Through The Grass Ceiling  towards the end of November in Traralgon, Maree's home town. 

Maree writes regularly on the web about regional leadership and the contribution of regions to nations.


Get ready to go fishing!
The greatest fishing adventure in this District is on again with the Rotary Club of Orbost announcing that its 29th annual fishing weekend will be held on 20 -22 April, 2018 at Corringle Foreshore Reserve (“The Slips”), on the Snowy River near Marlo.
Club News

Big night at Mitchell River


What a night of excitement and celebration!
Rotary Club of Mitchell River recently hosted 95 Grade 6 students from 12 primary schools across East Gippsland, as they received their Rotary Junior Community Awards. 
Each student has completed and recorded their weekly endeavors, as they undertook tasks and projects in their community. 
Thanks to the many people who assisted students, and Mr Tim Bull MLA for presenting the awards.


February date for next bulletin

The 9820 District Bulletin is a place to discover quickly what other clubs are doing, whether you live deep on the Peninsula or Orbost in the far east.

The deadline for submissions is the first week of the month with publication scheduled for the middle of the month.

There will be no bulletin in January with the first edition for 2018 being published in the first week of February. Plenty of Christmas celebration pictures please (jpg format).

We wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and a prosperous new year.


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