Submitted (after merciless plagiarizing) by DG Adrian Froggatt
As we all come to grips with using Zoom (or other Apps) for our online meetings there are lots of things that crop up repeatedly. Have you heard or seen the following during a zoom meeting?
  • Someone says “You’re muted”
  • Someone has forgotten to mute
  • Someone else appears in the background
  • Laughter
  • Someone has an alcoholic drink (usually red wine)
  • Someone has no video
  • Someone has no audio
  • Two people talk at once
  • Not showing real name on their video
  • Apologies for arriving late
  • Someone says “Can you hear me?”
  • Someone says “I can’t see everyone”
  • Can only see part of face
  • Someone is eating
  • And 16 more…..
If you have seen or heard these then you need to play Zoom Bingo. All you must do is copy the image and paste it into a new MS Word document and print.
You can then mark off all events as they happen and annoy your President or Chairman by shouting BINGO when you have completed the sheet. It is great fun!