As Voices of Frankston approaches its 5th year, birthday celebrations are in the wind. We would like to invite you to come and celebrate with us on October 16th at 10am for morning tea followed by our free Birthday Concert at 10.30am at High St Uniting Church Frankston.

Voices of Frankston is an inclusive community choir.  For five years, it has provided a 'voice' and a community for marginalised people in Frankston and the peninsula region.

Supported by Rotary Clubs, businesses, community groups and generous benefactors, Voices of Frankston has changed the lives of dozens of men and women bringing new hope and a new pathway in life.
Over the past years Voices of Frankston Choir has grown from strength to strength. In the beginning we were under the guidance of The School of Hard Knocks and shared many exciting times singing in the Melbourne Town Hall and Deakin Edge Theatre.

From the start of this year we have established ourselves as an independent, incorporated, not for profit charitable organisation, under the leadership of the extremely talented and dedicated Kerry Gerraty. Kerry has the wonderful ability to fill everyone with confidence and bring out the best in us all through the joy of singing. We have a regular core of membership of 35 choristers, a wonderful group of people from the local community who support each other through our music and beyond.

This year we started with a performance as the backing choir for the opening and closing ceremonies for the Rotary 2019 Multi District Conference held at the Melbourne Entertainment and Convention Centre. What a delight that was!
At this stage we are financially secure until the end of 2019. We hope to continue as a strong choir, but in order to do this we need your help. Talk about us and tell anyone you think could help us.
How can you help?
1) As a volunteer to help on Wednesday mornings- to do the meet and greet, or help prepare the lunches.
2) As a chorister - sing with us under the guidance of our musical team of Kerry and pianist Boris
3) As a community group - that we could come and sing and share our music with
4) As a financial supporter - we need to keep raising money to continue.

Thank you for your support
Cindy McMahon - Chairperson for Voices of Frankston Choir
GoFUndMe: https://www.gofundme/f/4skx2-voices-of-frankston-choir-need-your-help