Submitted by DG Adrian Froggatt from Information from Zone 8 Past RI Director Noel Trevaskis
This annual award recognises a person who, through their actions, is exemplary in his/her leadership, caring, and commitment to the welfare of humanity, either within Zone 8 or globally.  It is to be awarded to a person who inspires others to action, and who selflessly improves and enriches the lives of both individuals, and the greater society. The award can be for non-Rotarians or Rotarians.

IPDG Janne and I can each submit one nomination, as can every DG and IPDG in Zone 8. Our nominations need to be in by May 15.

If you know of a worthy person to nominate please complete the form and send it to DG Adrian by Wednesday May 5. Adrian and Janne will select the two to put forward to Zone.