Article compiled by DG Adrian Froggatt
The combined Rotary Districts of Australia have coordinated a 2019 National Fundraiser to provide much needed incremental funds from the public and Corporates around Australia. This should not be confused with Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS), who are distributing Government Funds. The 2019 National Fundraiser will be an incredible Public Relations opportunity for our membership and Clubs.
The public and Corporate funds will be managed by the DGs via an Appeal Distribution Committee. Rotary Districts in drought affected areas will work with Clubs to identify persons/families in need of assistance; such as food, education supplies, health services, clothing etc. The Districts will compile a Register of persons/families in need of assistance. Each District will then request a block grant via the Bendigo Bank on-line portal, which will be processed by a Grants Advisory Committee. Our D9820 Governor Adrian Froggatt is a member of the Appeal Distribution Committee.
Our partners include:
  • Great Northern Brewing Company
  • Rotary Districts and clubs in Australia
  • Channel 9 -Today show
  • Bendigo Bank
Here is some promotional material including:
Feel free to utilise these for your Social media, Bulletins and websites.
Great Northern Brewing Company has agreed to donate $150K plus 1000 barrels of Great Northern Brew which, once sold by their publicans, will convert to around an additional $900K. Their 'Let it Pour' weekend has already been held on 26th - 27th October.
To find the participating Victorian Hotels go to and filter on Victoria. You can even make a donation while there.
Channel 9’s Today Show has commenced their advertising and promotion with live crosses to Rotary BBQs around the country.  The townships with the live crosses will include Murray Bridge (SA), Warren (NSW), Tenterfield (NSW), Goondiwindi (QLD) and Stanthorpe (QLD).   And as they did last year, I am sure they will help us obtain a great deal of Corporate and public support by way of cash and donations in kind.
The entire Bendigo Bank network of 540 branches have joined in and will display images of the appeal and will assist in taking in-Branch and online donations. Please see attached marketing material. Additional information for the public on how grants can be accessed, FAQs, how Corporates can donate will be managed by the Bendigo Bank’s Community Enterprise Foundation Team, who will also be ensuring every donor gets an automated tax-deductible receipt.  
It would be a great public image and marketing campaign for Rotary around Australia to join in with the supporting Publicans and every Bendigo Bank Branch to run a Social Event with all the proceeds going to the National appeal. Imagine the Social Media and the new friends we can make whilst supporting our drought ravaged farming families!
One the guest speakers at the District 9820 conference in March 2020 will be Kate McBride from Tolarno Station, who appeared in the Q & A program on ABC TV on Monday 28th October.  Her contribution to the debate on "The Drought" was very impressive.  See for yourself, by viewing the program at
Donations can be made at, or via the 'Let it Pour' link shown above.
You will agree that having 540 Bendigo Bank branches, 1000 or so pubs/clubs and Channel 9 involved will be a great promotion for the Drought Fundraiser and for Rotary. We represent the community. We represent Rotary in Australia.
Channel 9, District 9820, Bendigo Bank and the Rotary Australia Zone web sites will carry updates and coverage of the appeal through Social Media. Carlton and United, who is the parent company of Great Northern Brewing, has also given us access to their Brisbane –based PR firm, Sequel, to assist us at no cost to Rotary.
Obviously, this has taken a lot of effort to pull together and our thanks should go to all those involved from all over Australia for supporting the development. Particular thanks must go to D9820 DGE Philip Archer and D9810, for their efforts in developing this 2019 Drought appeal.