(Edited) Story submitted by P.E David Button, Rotary Club of Berwick
BlazeAid is a volunteer-based organisation that works with farmers and families in rural Australia after natural disasters, such as fires and floods.  Working alongside the rural families, the volunteers help to rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed.
Thank you to all the generous supporters of our BlazeAid Combat Ready Trailer fundraiser. Without all our supporters, we wouldn't have been able to help BlazeAid get on with looking after those farmers who lost boundary fences in the recent fire events.
In addition to the clubs and individuals who supported us, extra funding has come from the Rotary Foundation through a District 9820 grant that gave us enough funds to purchase a second combat ready trailer. We thank everyone who contributed, most sincerely.
Some of the standouts were:
  • District 9820 Grant - $7,000
  • District 7475, New Jersey USA: Clubs, Friends and Families supporting our Australian rebuilding efforts. $15,000
  • Rotary Club of Berwick - $3,500
  • Rotary Club of Bunyip-Garfield - $1000
  • Rotary Club of Gateshead (UK) - $800
  • Boort Ski Club - $676
On the 17th of February, "our" trailers were completed, and signs applied by the trailer builders Ballarat Trailers & Towbars, before they headed off to Lexton to get their complement of equipment, then into service in the fire zone.