Article submitted by PDG Charlie Speirs, District 9820 Foundation Chair.
Online Club Qualification Now Available for District & Global Grants
Rotarians, here is a chance to grow some new skills while on Lock Down. 
The restrictions put in place to manage the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus have made an impact on all our lives and Rotary activity. Being a group of resourceful people, we have adapted to the changes and found ways to achieve the tasks we need to do. It is no different for the Foundation Team in D9820. We understand that your desire to stay safe and still achieve a support role in your community is important.
For 2020-21 District or Global Grants your club must “qualify” to get access to apply for grants.
We are delighted that the Foundation has accepted the option of getting your Club qualified to apply for a District or Global Grant by doing an Online 'Grant Management Seminar'.
The seminar is split into 9 x 15-minute courses. You don’t have to do them all at once. We encourage you to take this opportunity now to have your club qualified for a district grant once the threat of the COVID-19 virus has passed and we resume our normal daily activities.
Now is the time for Clubs to be thinking about the Projects they would like to introduce to their community and get them planned. Do it now, so when restrictions ease, we can get straight onto the doing, not the planning. 
The Grant Management Seminar is the ideal online COVID-19 alternative to in-person training. It is accessible to anyone with a My Rotary account (that should be every Rotarian!!). More information is in the FAQs Document.
There are two ways to access the Seminar.
The first is to follow the instructions in the “FAQs Document”.
The second is to go to the Learning Centre by first logging into My Rotary. (If you have not yet opened an account, you can do that from that same page).
Once logged into My Rotary, select this link Grant Management Seminar where you will see the following page.  Click on ENROLL to proceed.