Pictures: DJ Honey Photography
The Rotary Club of Maffra recently celebrated the Diamond Jubilee Year of its very well known Mardi Gras which began in 1957.
The community fundraiser is one of Wellington Shire's oldest events. Local community groups nominate an entrant to represent their organisation, and a friendly six week period of fundraising rivalry, precedes the event.

The Mardi Gras culminated in a very well attended street parade in Johnson Street after which all the winners were announced.
This year the Mardi Gras raised $104,000. The club hosted a special 'thank you' dinner at which Assistant Governor Bill Degnan was one of the guests. He reported that this year the Mardi Gras had five entrants take part: Kelly Ann Drum, Maffra Scouts - $2,732; Emily Brander, Our Haven Wildlife Shelter - $4,893; Amy Fleming, Seaspray Lifesaving Club - $36,502; Alex Tolling, Stratford Football & Netball Club – $25,191; and winner Holly Webb, Stratford Pony Club - $36,652.  They all engaged in fundraising for their organisations through raffles and other activities.
The Mardi Gras is a proven family-friendly event, with opportunities for many community organisations to raise some much needed funds at the beginning of the calendar year.