The first thing I would like to do is offer a very big welcome to our new members, recorded as joining our District since the publishing of the last Chain Mail.
When you join Rotary, you join much more than a club, you join a worldwide fellowship of Rotarians, including our very own (and the most beautiful) Australian District 9820 - South East Victoria.
*Note - if there are new members not included here, or errors contained please ask your club secretary to make the appropriate corrections into the District 9820 Database.
This month on 20th October is our massive Rotary Family Fun Day at Gumbuya World. Rotarians, family and friends are all welcome so get the word out and remember to book online through the official portal to get up to 30% special discount. I look forward to seeing everybody there. More information and the booking link are later in this Chain Mail.
Conference planning is proceeding well, so don’t forget to book early to secure your Earlybird discount and block out March 20th to 22nd  in your diaries. We have received advice that our Rotary International President’s Personal Representative (RIPPR) is going to be Rotary Foundation Trustee Brenda Cressey and her partner Richard.  This is massive to get someone at this level attending our Conference. Brenda completed the 2018-19 year as the Chair of the Rotary Foundation and continues as a Trustee.
Developing and maintaining the good health of our clubs is the most important Rotary Project we all have this year, as we prepare to enter the second 100 years of service in Australia. Making sure we meet the needs of both our current and future members is the challenge before us as we approach generational change in Rotary. By respecting the past, while being willing to embrace the future, is what will allow us to keep our current members interested and engaged, while making ourselves attractive (better yet irresistible) to our future Rotarians.
By actively breaking the chains we can positively influence our own future enjoyment, engagement, retention, recruitment and most importantly service capability. As Rotary International President Mark has stated, "we know the answers, it is time to act." Has your club got a club development plan in place?  If not, be sure to attend the Club Development Seminars being planned by David Hanlon and team.
Congratulations to Bairnsdale and Narre Warren who are leading the way this year so far on introducing new members to Rotary. I would also like to thank those clubs who have been cleaning up their member records in the District database. Not only does correct club data let us know our real current active member status, but it ensures that when the semi-annual dues come up the club will be billed correctly.
I urge all clubs to make sure their records are correct as soon as possible, and then keep them that way. The good news is that even though this housekeeping has been going on, we are still showing a positive growth of +5 in the District for the year.