Submitted by Diane Wilkinson - Foundation Committee Chair, Rotary Club of Moe
The Rotary Club of Moe is selling bags of purple crocus bulbs to support End Polio Now (DG Partner’s Project), an important global initiative to eradicate polio. 
The purple bulbs represent the purple dye used to mark the little finger of children who have been vaccinated in endemic countries. 
Millions of children across the world now know that a freshly painted purple pinkie means freedom from Polio.
This is an initiative of the Foundation Committee of the Club.  The bulbs were ordered and received shortly before the Coronavirus situation saw the restrictions of social distancing in place.  However, the Club has continued to promote the project among our members and has been managing the purchase and delivery of orders while following these restrictions. 
Despite the challenges that we are all facing at the moment, let’s hope that when the bulbs bloom in lots of gardens in the Springtime, it will be a reminder of the good things that still happen in the world as the fight to eradicate polio continues.