Article submitted by Assistant Governor - Sjaak Kusters
103 guests, including Rotarians, partners and Rotaractors attended the District Governor’s (DG's) Cluster Meeting on 29th August at Frankston International Motel & Function Centre.  This achieved a District 9820 attendance record.
Participating Clubs & guests included: RC Frankston (44), RC Frankston North (20),  RC Frankston Sunrise (7), RC Peninsula 2.0 (14)  RC Seaford Carrum Downs (9), RC Langwarrin (5.) and Peninsula Rotaract Club (4).
With the room almost at capacity the atmosphere was pleasantly frantic. The seating plan was arranged to avoid Rotarians sitting with fellow club members.  In this way Rotarians from 6 clubs sitting randomly with each other, created a very healthy fellowship with good interaction.  
Assistant Governor (AG) Sjaak Kusters was the Chairman and created a meeting format that accommodated all stake holders.  He welcomed DG Adrian & Wendy, DGE Mark Humphries & Linda and AG partner Joy Kusters, followed by all Presidents & partners.
Sergeant Barry then performed an amazing floorshow.  Dressed as an Indian snake charmer playing a homemade tradition flute he charmed a serpent, in the form of a “broken chain”, from an urn reflecting the “Breaking the Chains” theme of the meeting, before conducting a PowerPoint inspired quiz.  His entertaining contribution was accepted with roaring laughter and applause.
DG Adrian was introduced following the presentation of a detailed Bio and he launched into his ‘Breaking the Chains’ message with a couple of film clips from our esteemed World President Mark Maloney.
Adrian spoke of the RYLA partnership with Swinburn Uni, promoted the 2020 conference next March, and the sponsorship deal with Gumbuya World. 
Mark & Linda distributed work sheets around the tables to assess our knowledge and ideas of the current position of Rotary in our District.
Finally, Adrian presented the DG’s Partner’s project on Polio Eradication, “The Endgame”, as his wife, Wendy, was still recovering from a recent medical event.