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The core of our Rotary organisation is our emphasis on vocational service and our ability to bring together a range of different vocations to share a meal, business acquaintance and discuss community issues. Quite often business and professional people become insular as they tend to work and socialize with members of their business or profession. However the Rotary experience provides a refreshing change and we find a mixture of professionals discussing their community and its issues with a range of experts at the table, Club or District that can assist in solving specific technical concerns raised in community projects.
Every Rotarian is a source of knowledge in relation to his or her occupation and brings that expertise and interest to Club discussions and as guest speakers. The professional expertise of a Club’s members should be used to ensure the professional running of a Club.
Vocational service is an important method of taking Rotary to the Community. When Rotary recognises members of the Community for their service to their business or town, then Rotary is adding value to that Community and making it proud of its achievements leading to a better Community spirit and involvement.
This month as we focus on our vocations I encourage Clubs to continue to seek opportunities to showcase Rotary in our recognition of individuals, groups and volunteers through Pride of Workmanship, Apprentice of the Year Awards and Community Service Awards. 
On a similar note but with a younger demographic, this month I have been involved in a number of Rotary Junior Community Speech awards where Rotarians run a Public Speaking competition for Primary School students. I was amazed by the quality and poise of the young people (Grade 6) as they presented their stories on a topic of their choice. On show was good development in communication skills, good training in public speaking and development of self image and confidence that made me proud to be a Rotarian.