Australia day has seen a lot of activity in Community events within the Rotary family as we participate in the broader community through service, citizenship activity and Rotary Days.
May I also take the opportunity to congratulate those in the District recognized with Community and Citizenship awards, some even received National Awards. I refer to PDG Peter Newman, a member of the Frankston North Club, who received an OAM for “Service to Veterans and the Community”. We also have a second OAM, Bob Lay who is a former Olympian and is from the Berwick Club and received his OAM for “Significant service to sports administration and athletics in Victoria through a range of executive positions and to the Community. It is great to honour these Rotarians and the countless others recognized, if I have missed someone please let me know so we can share your recognition and rejoice together. Celebration is a wonderful part of life and recognizes our achievements for our community and Rotary as we make a difference.   
As we focus on World Understanding Month it is a great time to see how we can have a positive influence the on the World.  Sometimes we think how can I make a difference? However if we band together and all give of ourselves and our resources as we are able, our combined efforts can make a difference. As my mother used to say many hands make light work. So it is with Rotary as we give to the Rotary Foundation, our cents become dollars and our dollars combine to make projects that make a difference. (DOWNLOAD NEWSLETTER HERE)
So as we celebrate the 110th Birthday of our great organization if we all commit to giving a little we will generate a lot and make a difference. The best way we can celebrate our birthday is to make a commitment to give regularly to the Foundation by going on line it is easy to give $1, $5, $50 or more a month as we are able and we will make the World a better place. For the cost of a cup of coffee donated to the Foundation a month we can make a difference. The thought of every single Rotarian across the District, the State and our great country going onto My Rotary and making that small (or large ) contribution to the Rotary Foundation is enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Can you imagine what this would mean for the countless thousands depending on organizations like ours for a chance at a better life? Can you imagine how good we would feel knowing that every one of us cares that much. As John C Maxwell once said and Theodore Roosevelt once quoted “People don’t care how much you know – until they know how much you care”. LET’S CARE ENOUGH TO DO IT NOW. I have included a couple of links for those already registered on My Rotary and for those not registered. Once again we have come to the time of year where we are seeking participants in the RYLA and RYPEN programs Youth programs. These great youth development programs build leaders of the future and begin the engagement of young people in the Rotary family and an attitude of Service above Self. Please support these programs and encourage young people to get involved. 
The links for contributing on-line are:
 Not registered for My Rotary …
 Registered for My Rotary …