Support for the 2019-2023 Polio EndGame Strategy is the project chosen by the District Governor's Partner, Wendy Froggatt.
The Polio Endgame Strategy 2019-2023 has been developed by the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), because we have not yet achieved complete eradication of the virus.
The new plan has three goals, namely:
  1. Eradication of the virus.
  2. Integration - collaboration with other public health actors beyond the GPEI to strengthen health systems to help achieve and sustain eradication.
  3. Certification and containment - we have to prove through surveillance that we have interrupted the transmission of the poliovirus, and we have to be able to show that the virus in laboratories, either has been destroyed, or is appropriately contained.
The Global Polio Eradication Initiative’s (GPEI) five-year budget to execute this is $4.2 billion.
What can Rotarians do to ensure that the plan is successful?
The No. 1 thing is to continue to support the program. We have a $3.27 billion funding gap.
We will need Rotarians to make direct donations as well as to advocate with their governments and other groups for their support, so that we can continue to do all of the immunizations and surveillance necessary.
Rotarians in countries where active polio eradication efforts are underway need to continue helping with these efforts and immunizing children. They need to keep advocating with their governments to continue to support polio eradication.
Article submitted by Brian Ashworth – Honorary CEO – Disaster Aid Australia
35,000 Children Safe in Bhutan
Disaster Aid Australia’s (DAA) ambitious project to provide safe drinking water to 120 schools in Bhutan is now 50% complete. 
With an average of 600 children per school, this means that over 35,000 children are now protected from contaminated water. This is thanks to the great support DAA gets, especially from our home District of 9820.
If Rotarians want a personal experience of Delivering Safe Water in Bhutan, they can have a holiday in Bhutan and present a SkyHydrant to a school
Here Peter and Lois Faulkner are shown opening the SkyHydrant at a school.
The fully inclusive holiday costs From $6,450 (twin share) and includes the sponsorship of the SkyHydrant (You will receive a claimable tax receipt for $5,000)
For more information see this link:  Bhutan.
Safe Water in Myanmar
Disaster Aid has recently commissioned a 2nd SkyHydrant in Myanmar.
The installation will protect a hostel for students at Mawlamyine University.
This project has been possible thanks to supporters in NSW.
Disaster Aid Canada Supports the Bushfire Appeal
One of Our Disaster Aid International Partners, Disaster Aid Canada, has raised $40,000 towards the Australian bushfire appeal.
This will be passed on to the Rotary Australia  World Community Service (RAWCS) appeal.
Article submitted by Tim Wills, President - Rotary Club of Drouin
On a smoke-filled Monday morning in January, thirteen Drouin Rotarians/partners, our Assistant Governor Peter Dell and Sally Dell (Rotary Club of Warragul), four Drouin Lions and five Ambulance Victoria Officers (on leave) commenced the process of de-badging, sorting and boxing the hundreds of items of second-hand uniforms donated by service members from across Victoria. And there is a mountain of them.
Over seventy hours of service were spent in this first effort...and most participants took a box of items home for later consideration. Two Rotarians spent six hours de-badging shirts that night ... another 12 hours!
Rotary's 'Donations-in-Kind' will be pleased to accept and dispatch these items overseas. The Ambulance Victoria group will send the sky-blue shirts to a school in Nepal, while the jumpers will go to a Lions project in the Sudan. And that too is just the start.
Sally was pleased to take charge of a box of crocheted rugs that somehow found themselves in the mountain of donations. She will see them off to Central Australia, as part of the wider ‘End Trachoma’ project.
This opportunity for service will be going on for some time, so any clubs that would like to help with the de-badging should contact the Rotary Club of Drouin’s President, Tim Wills, through
Any and all help will be gratefully received.
Article submitted by PP Eric Neill – Rotary Club of Frankston North
The Rotary Club of Frankston North was approached in mid-2019 to assist parents and teachers in building a Chook House and Fox-proof Fencing in an area at Kananook Primary School. 
The project proceeded with an Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU), as a shared project with the school and an application for a $2,000 District Grant was applied for and granted.
Many working bees were held over a 2 month period, including teachers, parents and students to clear the area, install Chook House, fences and fox proofing.
The area will be maintained by Students and Parents with rosters being set up for maintenance and the daily release of chooks from the hen house and the return to house at night. It will be educational for the students learning about how to care and handle for chooks, as well as being used as a petting area for students with some seats being installed.
The grand opening was held at school on 13th December 2019 with the cutting of the ribbon done by President David Cahill of the Rotary Club of Frankston North and Kananook Primary School Council President Jim.